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Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters

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Maya people have a special relationship with Mother Earth and nature. They believe that cultivating a respectful relationship with the land and the sacred natural elements based on reciprocity is fundamental to maintaining the connection to the origins of life.  Nature was central because most of the Mayan people were farmers. They usually have a culture to sacrifices animals, plants, and sometimes humans. In belief it would encourage the fertility of the earth and lead to good crops. Of the most important plants in the Maya region can be mentioned some trees which were used for constructive purposes, such as the chicozapote, mahogany and cedar.


TOP: Scarlet Cherry Juice, Cassis, Sacred Tobacco Leaf

MID: Green Apple Skin, Cinnamon Stick, Amber

BASE: Charred Sandalwood, Oud, Cherry Wood

This fragrance is crafted by Master Perfumers, and contains Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Orange, Clove, Cumin and Patchouli. It has been formulated with proprietary fragrance technology shown to elicit feelings of Energy and Well- being.


All of our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality providers, and all completely paraben, phalate, and toxin free.

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All of our products are crafted by Master Perfumers and formulated with modern fragrance technology to elicit feelings of energy, relaxation, or renewal.

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Inspire Wellness Within

Inspired by ancient healing rituals practiced by the Mayan people, our scents are crafted by master perfumers to enliven and enrich the human spirit through daily moments of mindfulness. Each item is curated to inspire strength, intuition, balance, and replenishment in the everyday human experience.

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