Inspired by healing rituals practiced by ancient cultures, our philosophy is centered around the belief that well-being is not purely about physical health, but about finding balance and harmony as well. Through daily moments of mindfulness and modern aromatherapy, we seek to enliven and enrich the human spirit.

The Founder

Our founder sought out scents to bring a sense of peace through focusing the mind to calm the spirit and catalyze energy and vitality to carry forth into our lives. The name comes from the ancient wisdom of the Mayan civilization. B'alam translates to "jaguar" in Mayan, the jaguar represents mystery, power, ferocity, and the bravery to face fears. 

Our founder was fascinated by the Mayans' use of plants and natural remedies for healing and inner well-being and began to explore the idea of incorporating these wisdoms into a modern, busy life through scent. The intent is to create the scents as a daily ritual to transition thoughts and intent through the power of scent. 

Science Backed Scent

Fusing modern day science and ancient wisdom is the root of our beliefs, making it only natural to incorporate neuroscience into our expert perfumer crafted fragrances.

Each of our scents are carefully crafted to connect the healing powers of traditional aromatherapy with modern fragrance technology. Designed to elicit a desired emotion - whether that be energy, relaxation or renewal - each B'alam fragrance is backed by neuroscience research.

We also use higher levels of essential oils than other products in our market, making the B'alam experience more powerful and intentional. Each and every one of our offerings is toxin free, paraben free, phalate free, and created with only the finest soy wax and highest quality, all natural essential oils.

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